A Few Fairy Math Tales

Dmitri Burago, Penn State University

Thursday, May 4, 2017, 5:05pm-5:50pm
Refreshments served 4pm-5pm
6 Metrotech Center, Rogers Hall 325


The format of this talk is rather non-standard. It is actually a combination of several mini-talks. They would include only motivations, formulations, basic ideas of proof if feasible, and open problems. No technicalities. Each topic would be enough for 2+ lectures. However I know the hard way that in diverse audience, after 1/3 of allocated time 2/3 of people fall asleep or start playing with their tablets. I hope to switch to new topics at approximately right times. I include more topics that I plan to cover for I would be happy to discuss others after the talk or by email/skype. I may make short announcements on these extra topics. The topics will probably be chosen from the list below. I sure will not talk on topics I have spoken already at your university.

Department of Mathematics (Brooklyn)